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JS Massage Pro Benefits

1. The JS Massage Pro helps restore balance in the body by removing any blockages in the muscles and tissues releasing tension.  If there is any stagnant energy in the specific organ, the powerful motor of the JS Massage Pro 30 will help to release it upon contact. This can be beneficial for people who want to speed up muscle recovery and reduce time in between workouts.

2. The JS Massage Pro 30 can help you sleep better at night.  Since a the JS Massage Pro 30 is so relaxing, it releases serotonin in the brain which will lead to a better night’s sleep. A massage is peaceful and relieves pain which may be interfering with your sleep schedule.

3. The JS Massage Pro 30 helps to decrease anxiety. A massage will relax the mind which means that overthinking, overanalyzing, fearful thoughts, and tension are released. Anxiety symptoms are naturally relieved with a massage.

4. The JS Massage Pro 30 can increased flexibility in wrists and fingers. People suffering from arthritis will benefit from a hand massage using the proper massage head.  It will break up the stiffness that is causing discomfort within. Massages increase the joints range or motion. They exercise the muscles which need help with lengthening without pain. This will also benefit people who have sports injuries.

5. The JS Massage Pro 30 ca help decrease swelling. Hand swelling can be caused by too much fluid accumulating in the hand. When massaged, the fluid is released and dispelled from the area. Applying the JS Massage Pro 30 on a low setting and with the appropriate massage head can help with retained water.

6. The JS Massage Pro 30 can help increases delivery of nutrients to underlying issues. Massages get new oxygen-rich blood flowing blood into areas that are sore or stiff. This increases the delivery of nutrients to organs and ligaments that otherwise would not be able to improve.

7. The JS Massage Pro 30 can help relieve headaches. Most headaches happen in the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that are located in a person’s head and neck. Stimulating certain organs and the increase of blood flow can naturally relieve this stress.

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